I want to take you on a journey—an experience like no other. A journey of recovery.

Do you remember what it was like to truly enjoy food or exercise without the constant battle raging in your mind—the self-doubt, the barrage of critical words? If you will, close your eyes and remember that feeling of elation, pure bliss, self-love, acceptance, and trust in your body. Trust that you can enjoy these sensations of taste and joy while your body uses the nutrients or activity to help you function optimally.

I can certainly remember times when the latter was the furthest thought from my mind. Having struggled for most of my teenage and young adult years, in and out of recovery, I can recall the moments of panic and self-doubt that would strike, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere.

While I may not have walked in exactly your size, color, shape, or style of shoe, I have certainly journeyed along the same path. If you let me, I would like to lead you down another path. One of self-discovery and self-love. One that leads to recovery.

Is Recovery Coaching a good fit for you?


Are you currently seeing a therapist, dietician, or doctor to address eating issues or an eating disorder?


Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you have an eating disorder and are unsure of the next steps?


Are you stepping down from a residential or day program setting and need extra support?


Are you or a loved one struggling with eating issues such as restricting food, binging, purging, obsessing over food, weight, or body, overexercising, sneaky with food, experiencing body dysmorphia, or hiding your body?


Do you obsess over your weight and/or diet to the point that it interferes with your relationships, job, parenting, school, and life?


Do you feel stuck in your recovery, not moving forward, and unsure how to get where you want to be?


Does meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and eating out cause you high levels of anxiety? Could you use some in-the-moment support with these necessary activities?


Do you need the extra support and accountability to get you closer to recovery?


Do you need extra support and accountability to get through your days?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that recovery is possible.

Being recovered is when the person can accept his or her natural body size and shape and no longer has a self-destructive relationship with food or exercise. When you are recovered, food and weight take a proper perspective in your life, and what you weigh is not more important than who you are; in fact, actual numbers are of little or no importance at all. When recovered, you will not compromise your health or betray your soul to look a certain way, wear a certain size, or reach a certain number on the scale. When you are recovered, you do not use eating disorder behaviors to deal with, distract from, or cope with other problems.

Carolyn Costin - 8 Keys to Recovery From An Eating Disorder