The journey through recovery and rebuilding your relationship with food, exercise, body, and self is very much like Alice's adventures through the looking glass.

There are so many things you see and realize about yourself and life along the way that just blow your mind. There are a lot of challenges that come up that make you think, "I will never be able to do this".

If you stick with it, you come out on the other side even stronger than before you developed your eating disorder. You realize that you no longer want or need to use those behaviors to get what it is that you want and need from life. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery through the looking glass. I will be with you every step of the way, until you realize that it is you that you have been waiting for all along!


As a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and Mindfulness Educator, I work with adults, teens, and families who are journeying through recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating. Whether you are taking your first steps, in need of resources, finding yourself stuck, or needing a refresher, I am here to help you navigate the challenges. You are not in this alone.

As a recovered coach, I bring lived experience as well as rigorous training with pioneer and eating disorder expert Carolyn Costin, and years in the field helping to guide people who are struggling to a place of living happier, more fulfilled lives.

Are you longing for the days when you enjoyed a healthy and joyful relationship with food, exercise, and your body? I am here to show you how you can have that again. Not only is recovery possible, but being fully recovered is too!

Guiding you along your journey to creating more peace with food and your body.

Getting YOU back to living your AUTHENTIC SELF!

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